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09 Jun 2020

The Covid-19 Pandemic that has affected our daily lives is about survival; personally, and economically. The fashion industry is one of the businesses that experience the impact of consumer’s consumption habits shift as consumers prioritize necessary over discretionary products. On the other side, we can also witness a direct positive impact on the planet earth. The current drop in greenhouse gas emissions is the result of a tragic economic slowdown and human distress. Unfortunately, this positive impact won’t last long and likely to be temporary if we don’t start moving on the cleaner energy.


For a long time, our economy has been linear. We use raw resources, produce goods and services, and then dispose post-consumer waste. Take for example of leather production. Leather is made from animal skin, usually cow. Once an animal's skin is removed, it is preserved through a process called 'tanning' which uses volatile chemicals that can also cause extreme pollution to water, air, and soil, resulting in devastating effects on local human and animal populations. This unsustainable and irresponsible way of producing and consuming goods can destroy our planet in the next couple of decades if we stay the same.


One positive thing this pandemic gives us is a chance to pause and reflect within and beyond ourselves; to strategize how we can turn things around and make the world better to the future generation. To ensure our future and sustain life on earth, we need to change our approach and transition from linear to a circular economy, which usually follows on the 3R-Approach; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This sustainable approach has been Mycotech’s core value since the start, with the purpose to prevent waste. While working with local mushroom farmers, Mycotech has been using agricultural waste, such as: sawdust, coconut dust, sugarcane bagasse, and many more, and transforming it into a new product with our mycelium-technology.


Mycotech was born in 2015 and was the result of the curiosity and true realization of its founder’s dream to explore Fungi, knowing that it holds a great potential with its characteristic to change our future for a better world. Strong determination has built Mycotech for research, and innovation, and to explore what mushroom can do and what it can be.


This year of 2020, we reshaped our goal to do better than just research and explore, but also to be able to provide people with options to be sustainable in fashion. We believe that sustainability is a necessity, and it needs to be accessible to everyone. We make use of our new Mycelium-technology which not only will change the way we consume and produce goods, but also a technology that empowers people. In this time of crisis, we cannot go back to the previous normal. The needs of new materials in the new normal is intensified, and unlike animal-based leather, our mushroom material is grown, not born.


Together with POT Branding House, we introduce the new brand of MYCL (Mycotech Lab). Our mission is to revolutionize how materials are made by growing high performance and sustainable materials using our biotechnology for global market by empowering local communities. We work with stakeholders from farmers to brands to realize the idea of sustainability by embracing collaboration, and this is just the beginning of our revolution.


We are MYCL, together facing new normal with new materials.




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