DOUBLET Fall Winter 2022/23 featured another collection using Mylea™️

31 Jan 2022

For the second time in six months, Mylea™️ was featured in Paris Fashion Week (01/21/22) through the collection of LVMH prize winning designer, Masayuki Ino from the brand DOUBLET. 

Mycelium leather has been news for a really long time. However, its application that can be worn by the public is still nowhere to be seen. MYCL- Mycotech Lab tries to break the mold and become the first-ever Mycelium Leather producer that not only showcases their product on static one angle photo or static product model images but also has been worn by actual persons in multiple collections on numerous occasions at Paris Fashion Week.

DOUBLET uses Mylea™️  on various applications, not only small items like wallets, patches, and accessories, but also outerwear like jackets, shoes, sandals, and boots. DOUBLET’s experimentation and exploration of this novel material give the world a foundation of Mylea™️'s application as a more sustainable alternative material for other designers to follow.

The Fall-Winter Collection 2022/23 of DOUBLET titled This Is Me brought diversity and metaverse issues into the runway. From their runway location in Shibuya Scramble crossing replica to the audience, which acts as bystander pedestrian, to their reflections. DOUBLET created his own reality fronted by the pink-haired virtual character "Imma" (@imma.gram) worn as a face mask by an eclectic lineup of models from all various sizes, gender, and ability.

Quoted from Ino-san's interview with VOGUE, "My job is to create more happiness in the real world," the designer offered. With this collection, he's done just that.



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The collection runway can be watched during Paris Fashion Week on Sunday, June 27th, 2021. For the recorded version here.

 Doublet is replacing leather in this fashion collection with Mylea, leather-like material made out of Mushroom Mycelium grown by Biomaterial company MYCL-Mycotech Lab. In comparison with leather, Mylea can be grown into a leather-like material with less time, less water consumption, far less carbon emission, do not use any harmful chemicals or heavy metals in the process which can hazardous not only to the environment but to human health, and above all no animal were harmed during the process.

 Also you can check the show looks and inspiration of the collection from VOGUE by clicking here .


Doublet is a fashion brand based in Japan founded in 2012 by Masayuki Ino. The label grows fast and is well known in Japan with its well-known gender-neutral streetwear. Doublet is also well known for pushing the boundaries of textile development, and this is what they are doing with Mylea in 2021 Paris Fashion Week after receiving Tokyo New Designer Fashion Award in 2013, the 2017 Tokyo Fashion Award and LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers.

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MYCL - Mycotech Lab

Mycotech Lab is a bio-based material startup from Indonesia. Founded in 2015 by five co-founders: Adi Reza, Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, Annisa Wibi, Robbi Zidna Ilman, Arekha Bentang.


Mycotech objectives are to grow material using mushroom mycelium as a natural adhesive. By collaborating with local mushroom farmers to produce sturdy, lightweight products from strong, organic fibers that are formed into custom shapes, including BIOBO boards, a binderless board using mushroom mycelium as natural adhesive and Mylea a leather-like material which is fully grown using mushroom mycelium. Mycotech utilizes agricultural waste and turns them into material. With a variety of material characteristics, mycelium material potential is endless.

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